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June 2, 2015



Lots happening with KZG and our dealers... so please CLICK HERE to watch our video and read this Newsflash for more details.


Amazing Skill, Amazing Growth in France

I never cease to be amazed by the quality of our KZG fitters and Marc Brossard is no exception. His skill, integrity and passion for the game and for his profession are unsurpassed.

Marc Brossard owns MB Golf in France, just outside of Orleans. He has a very high-end clientele and he works closely with all of the teaching professionals and courses in an ever-expanding radius. We have been watching his successful growth and wanted to find out what he was doing... so Gail and I called him.


"What is your secret for success" we asked him. The first thing out of his mouth was "honesty". He always tells the absolute truth to his customers and as a result they trust him and in turn, they refer him more business.

Secondly he reports: "KZG helps me in branding my business". Because he deals with the upper class, they are looking for high quality products and KZG fits the bill. He also counts on KZG's reliability. "I know when I place an order with KZG, I will have the product in my hands within 2 business days." Marc is "Mr. KZG" in the area.


Thirdly, Marc attributes much of his success to "networking with the pros". Marc reports he is recognized by the most important professional teachers in the area, and they refer all of their business to him. He does not need to pay them a referral fee; the fact that Marc will do a stellar job for their students is what they count on.


And lastly and most importantly, he does a thorough analysis of the golfer. Not just about their game, their clubs or their swing, but also their lifestyle, behavioral perspectives and interests. He then becomes a real partner, rather than just a salesman. Marc has taken the time to learn neuro-biomechanics, the study of the relationship between movement and the brain. He uses this knowledge and the Action Types Approach for testing, allowing Marc to better fit the golfer. He uses the body information for the best definition of each club specification and he uses the behavioral information for the best advice and the best recommendations of the product the golfer will love. It is amazing, he even knows how the golfer reacts to certain colors.



Yes, he amazes me and we are so honored to have him in our KZG family, one of the World's Top 100 ClubFitters and an elite IPAC member.



JR. Clinics? Free RBT Driver with LCB Iron Sets for June 


If you are doing Jr. Clinics, our June special could be helpful. With every set of LCB irons, you receive a free RBT Driver. Many teachers and coaches prefer the smaller driver heads so that their students focus at address. The RBT's are available in 325cc, 360cc and 400cc.

Many of our dealers offer free custom KZG clubs with their lesson package. Some offer a custom fit #7 iron or a wedge so that the new player has a fighting chance to love the game... much better than letting them struggle with Uncle Harry's old clubs. 



News About You, KZG & the Industry

Johanna Pyk-Jargård of Johanna's Golfshop at Mölle Golfklubb in Sweden has been awarded the Barbro Montgomery's Leadership Award of 2014. The Barbro Montgomery's Foundation encourages leadership within golf in Sweden which makes Johanna the ideal recipient. Johanna is a tour player, PGA teaching pro, Top 100 and Master Fitter.

Congratulations to Milan Vantuch of Golf59 in the Czech Republic for his 7th place finish in the third Czech PGA Tour event of the season in Skalica. Milan currently carries a KZG Putter, KZG 18° U-Iron and KZG SPX driver in his bag.

Milan is not the only one taking KZG clubs on the Czech Tour. Recently a young lady pro by the name of Daniela Prorokova came in to Golf59. Daniela was struggling with her tee shots. Milan and Jiri were able to fit Daniela with a VC-420 and she fell in love immediately after adding it to her bag. Daniela is looking into getting KZG woods and hybrids next! We wish Daniela the best of luck with her professional career.

The governing bodies of golf have alerted equipment manufacturers of some potential changes coming in the way in which golf balls are tested. The purpose of this update would be to reflect a growing number of requests for more flexibility within the system to accommodate developments, innovations and common practices which have no effect on the performance of a golf ball, but which are currently hindered by guidelines and processes that have been in place for many years. We don't expect any changes to be applied to clubheads as testing methods are more up to date.

The USGA reported it has accepted a record 1,873 entries for the 2015 U.S. Women's Open Championship for Lancaster Pennsylvania Country Club. It marks the ninth time since 2004 that the championship has accepted a record number of entries. This indicates a growing interest and strength in the Women's game of golf.


KZG is opening up a record number of new, highly qualified dealers. The KZG brand is growing because of amazing and outstanding dealers like you. We thank all of you for your continued support.



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